We moved to 11 route 105 in Chelsea.

I have been a customer of Thermo-Maître for over ten years and I wanted to share my experience because I received outstanding service! During one of the many heat waves of 2020 and following a power outage, my air conditioner was no longer working and two lights on the unit came on and were blinking. I called to make an appointment with a technician and Martin answered. He asked me to film a short video of the flashing lights and email it to him to identify the error code. He called me back with a first solution: to close the circuit breaker for 15-20 minutes and then turn it back on to see if the air conditioner would work. And hooray the unit started up again as if nothing had happened. The fact that Martin took the time to check the error code and discuss a solution over the phone saved me the cost of a technician's visit and I am extremely grateful! I am and will remain a loyal customer. Thank you Martin!

- Hélène Bisson

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