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12/12 Warranty

Outstanding basic warranty

Thermo-Maître does not use any subcontractors for installation and works directly with its team of installers on all its projects. This commitment ensures neat, meticulous, and professional installation that Thermo-Maître does not hesitate to guarantee.

That’s why the Thermo-Maître team offers an outstanding warranty on the installation of all its equipment. You can count on fast, no-charge service for repairs involving things like coolant leaking from the pipes between various components, the installation of the unit’s brackets, or the installation of the drainage pipes.

Ultimate 12/12 warranty

Thermo-Maître is one of the few heating and air conditioning system suppliers and installers to offer an ultimate 12-year warranty on parts and labor. This transferable* warranty gives you complete peace of mind and ensures that your equipment will perform exceptionally well for many years to come.

Don’t be afraid of heat waves or extreme cold anymore!

With the 12/12 warranty, Thermo-Maître customers are assured their equipment will work at all times as soon as the first heat wave or severe cold snap hits—no matter what.

Insurance if you sell

The 12/12 warranty can be transferred* to the next owners of your home at no charge, giving you an incredible advantage if you choose to move.

Contact a Thermo-Maître consultant today to learn more about the ultimate 12/12 warranty.

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